Broadband Test with Uswitch Streetstats

Broadband test speed in my area – find out what speed your neighbours are getting with Uswitch Streetstats !

While fault finding someone’s slow Broadband connection I came across this incredibly handy comparison website. Uswitch Streetstats features a Broadband test showing what speed my neighbours get and I want to share it with you.

Uswitch Broadband Streetstats broadband test speed checker

It’s so very quick and easy to use. There’s no cost, or dodgy software to download. Simply click on the link below, which will take you directly to the Uswitch Speed Test website and present you with a box to enter your postcode. Once you have done that, press enter.
Next, a Google Map type screen shows pushpins displaying a Broadband speed test result – all over your neighbourhood !

I was able to test and compare my customers Broadband connection with other houses nearby. It also shows Service Providers in their road and surrounding streets. We could see what kind of speed should be achievable – street by street. We could instantly see an improvement testing before and after I removed the old wiring.

See instantly if you are getting a slower broadband connection than the average for your street, or if in fact you are their envy!
broadband-speedTry it now – type in your post code here Uswitch Broadband Street Stats Speed Test

What can I do to increase my Internet Speed ?

There are various ways to speed up the existing telephone wiring in your house to maximise internet connection speeds. These include removing the ‘Bell Circuit’. It was an old standard BT method of connecting telephone extension sockets around your house. It works fine when used just for telephony, but a different story with Broadband signals.

Filtered Front Plate, or Digital Plate

broadband testMaking sure you have a new style master socket – also known as an NTE5 is essential because further enhancement is made by fitting a ‘Digital Front Plate’, or ‘Filter Plate’.
The Filtered Front Plate act as a barrier between your incoming phone line and the rest of your own wiring and extension sockets which normally could slow your line. It takes the place of the ADSL Filter.
With the ‘Filter plate’ a barrier is placed between your wiring and the BT Openreach line coming in. It ensures you have the very best Broadband connection speed possible. I can give your wiring a complete health check and tidy up, and fit one of these.

Booking a visit with a local Broadband engineer

You’re already close to arranging a visit to end your frustration, go ahead and dial my number. Call me and tell me what you expect to achieve and I can help you do just that! Simple good old fashioned service with a smile 🙂

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