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Trying to get your Service Provider to send out a BT Openreach Engineer can be a very stressful, time consuming endurance test. I’ve talked to customers who have had problems with their Broadband or Telephone Service and just wanted a Telephone Engineer to call and investigate the fault. Now there is light at the end of the tunnel!

How do I get a BT Openreach Engineer to visit?


BT Openreach Engineer

In the ‘Good old days’ when I worked as a BT Openreach Engineer

What often seems to happen is that firstly, people who attempt to report a problem with their Telephone Service to their Service Provider get stuck in a loop. The adviser, often from ‘Outer Mongolia’ just reads from a script, and in some cases gives them misleading information. I’ve heard people say ‘Sky told me I need to have my Router plugged into the main socket, and not an extension, in order for my internet to work’. This is simply not true.

Often, noisy line faults test OK and therefore the advisor tells the end user it must be their own equipment and there will be a charge. However the test carried out is only for a few seconds and it’s just as likely that the fault is in the external telephone network and you could be entitled to have it fixed FREE! Noisy faults often don’t show up on a line test result. I know this because I have 26 years of experience tracing all kinds of faults.

There are a number of tests you can do yourself before calling your Service Provider and booking a BT Openreach Engineer or an Independent Telephone Engineer like myself. You can view these money saving ideas by clicking HERE.
You might not need a visit, just the right advice and help to identify the problem!

Instal a new Telephone Extension Socket

I’ve also heard of customers asking for a Sky Engineer, Talk Talk Engineer, or BT Openreach Telephone Engineer to re connect or install a new telephone extension socket, only to be told that it’s far cheaper to get the work done privately by an Independent Engineer. Whilst I know this is true, I am always suprised that these larger companies seem to put people off, encouraging them to look elsewhere!

Well, by fiddling around on the Internet you have found me! I’m an Independent Engineer providing the same high standard of workmanship as I was trained and employed by BT until 2011.

My main focus is to maintain good customer service and do exactly what you want, when you want – and try to save you money!

To book an appointment with me or a member of my team, please call Local Telephone Engineer Hertfordshire area. If you have slow Internet, want to move a telephone socket or have a line fault I can help you! Call me – Geoff Grove 01702 200800 or 07790 200800 or click here – Contact Form