Home Computer Network Cable

Home Computer Network Cable

More and more homes now have – or need home computer network cable to connect together various appliances and devices. WiFi technology has improved over time however increased demand for a high speed reliable connection needs a CAT5 solution. A ‘Direct Connection’ using an Ethernet Cable is the preferred method.
Home Computer Network

My WiFi Is Slow and Drops Out

There are only so many phones, sky boxes, Smart TV s that you can connect wirelessly. Each time you connect another phone or tablet to your router, you reduce the wireless bandwidth available for other devices. By connecting as many devices as possible with an Ethernet Cable to your router you not only speed up their connection speed, you increase the available wireless bandwidth for all the other mobile devices. Your Internet experience becomes much more enjoyable!

Smart TV

Every television you now purchase has an Ethernet Home Computer Network socket and is ‘Smart TV’ compatible. To browse Google or surf the Internet you no longer need to own a desktop PC or laptop.

Netflix and Amazon Fire TV

Netflix and Amazon Fire TV use the Broadband router in your home to connect and stream content from the Internet. You do need a connection speed of at least a few Megabits per second to enable you to stream films. To do a Broadband Speed Test click here Uswitch Broadband Speed Checker

Speed up Sky On Demand and X-Box Performance

Sky Box On Demand service can connect to your router via a wireless dongle which Sky supply. However you will have much faster Sky On Demand, and Box Office download experience without dropping connection or buffering if you connect directly. Equipment in your home increasingly demands a faster way of communicating, therefore you need to consider a Home Computer Network Cable setup.

Hard Wired Ethernet Connection Is The best solution

Use a Hard Wired Ethernet Connection between your Broadband Router, X-Box, Smart TV or laptop wherever possible for the ultimate speed with no dropouts or lag. X-Box users will ‘love you forever’ for sorting out the speed of their connection as they won’t experience lag anymore. This most definately applies if you have High Speed Superfast Broadband from BT, or Fibre Broadband. You don’t want to pay for 40 or 50Mb download speeds only to find that the limit of your WiFi connection restricts your laptop to 20Mb maximum. The hardest thing to consider is where the Home Computer Network Cable will run for the neatest looking solution. It is inexpensive to install and far more reliable than WiFi.

Connecting your Home Office Outbuilding

Do you have an office in an outbuilding in your garden and have poor intenet signal? Once you have exhausted trying various WiFi Signal Boosters and Powerline Adapters, you could consider installing Ethernet Home Computer Network Cable run from your house. External grade CAT5 cable is suitable for running along a fence, or you may want to run a hose pipe or duct for protection along, or under the flower bed, and draw the Ethernet cable through it.

Extend your WiFi Range using Ethernet Cable and a Wireless Access Point

If you have a WiFi black spot or area where the signal frequently drops out, you can solve this by running a Home Computer Network Cable. Once you have done this, plug an Ethernet cable into the network socket and connect either a Wireless Access Point which you can purchase from Amazon below, or if you are PC literate and you have a spare Router, you can configure it to act as a 2nd wireless transmitter. The Wireless Access Point shown has many good reviews on Amazon so you can buy with confidence just click the picture.

Wireless Congestion – is your Router up to it?

Wireless congestion gets more common as we buy more wireless devices. If one person is streaming a YouTube Video then this will hog the bandwidth available to other Ipads and computer equipment in the house. To avoid this to an extent the newer routers such as the BT Home Hub 4 and 5 offer a new higher frequency radio band so that your equipment can connect faster. Sellotex heat insulation materials in walls and ceilings have a metal coating which restricts the range of the WiFi signals.

You can’t beat a Hard Wired Ethernet Connection

Using a Hard Wired Home Computer Network Ethernet Connection between computers gets around the WiFi issues. This leaves a bigger free wireless bandwidth for the remaining devices that can’t be connected via cable. More reliable, faster, no dropouts, no frustration, CAT5 Ethernet cable instead of WiFi is the best connection method!

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