Internet speed – What can I do to increase it ?

Internet Speed – What can I do to increase it ?

First things first – before checking your Internet speed make a call using your land line for a couple of minutes to check that you have dial tone, and to make sure that the line is clear, free from any noise or crackles. You might not have used your land line telephone for a while and even if your Internet is working it only needs 1 wire to function. Therefore if there is a fault on your line slowing your Internet speed down, you would never realise unless you try to make a call first. If you discover your line is dead, follow my instructions on this page Phone line dead – what to check

Simplify things – keep it basic, go cordless

Here’s a great looking Panasonic Cordless Phone with top reviews and a low price!
Consider doing away with unused extension sockets. With just the BT master socket and no other wiring attached you will be getting the very best Internet speed direct from the street, without any losses. How about just having a master socket or NTE and using a good quality cordless phone to replace your old tired phone. Here’s a terrific Panasonic phone from Amazon which has great reviews and won’t hurt your wallet. You could pop a handset in the garage or near the back door so if you’re cleaning the car or gardening you don’t have to take off boots to answer a call. I brought one myself and have been very pleased. Click my link, buy it, plug it in, and away you go!

Internet-speedThere are various ways to speed up your Internet speed by making some simple changes to your existing telephone wiring in your house to maximise internet connection speeds. These include removing the ‘Bell Circuit’ – an old standard BT way of connecting telephone sockets around your house, which is fine when used just for telephony, but a different story with Broadband signals.

Filtered Front Plate, or Digital Plate

Making sure you have a new style master socket also known as an NTE5 is good practise, but a further enhancement is made to this by fitting a ‘Digital Front Plate’, or ‘Filter Plate’, which acts as a barrier between your phone line coming in, and the rest of your own wiring and extension sockets which could normally slow your line. With the ‘Filter plate’ a barrier is placed between the BT Openreach line coming in and your own extension wiring, ensuring you have the very best Broadband connection speed possible. I can fit these for you and give your wiring a complete health check and tidy up.
Please note that if you don’t have any extension wiring then there is no benefit fitting one of these Filtered Face Plates.

Increase Internet speed with Fibre Broadband BT Infinity

BT Infinity Superfast Broadband will make your Internet speed much faster. You could see a speed increase of ten times what you are currently getting. End those frustrating pauses while you watch that blue bar climbing across your screen, which always seems to take for ever! A word of caution – when you book an engineer to visit be sure to make it clear if you have working BT Telephone Extension sockets, and state that you want them to remain that way before any modification of your wiring goes ahead.

Booking a visit with a local Broadband engineer

You’re already close to arranging a visit to end your frustration caused by slow Internet speed, so go ahead and pick that phone up. Call me and have a chat, tell me what you expect to achieve and If I can help you I will ! Simple good old fashioned service with a smile 🙂

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Internet Speed in my area – find out what speed your neighbours are getting with Uswitch Streetstats !

While fault finding someone’s slow Broadband connection I came across this incredibly handy comparison website that does a broadband test showing what speed my neighbours get and I want to share it with you.

Uswitch Broadband Streetstats Broadband Test Speed Checker

It’s so very quick and easy to use. There’s no cost, or dodgy software to download. Simply click on the link below, which will take you directly to the Uswitch website and present you with a box to enter your postcode. Once you have done that, press enter. Next, a Google Map type screen shows pushpins displaying a Broadband Speed Test result – all over your neighbourhood ! I was able to test and demonstrate my customers Broadband connection and compare it with other houses in their road and surrounding homes. We could see what kind of speed was achievable, and how abysmal their connection was before I started work on their old wiring. See instantly if you are getting a slower Broadband connection than the average for your street, or if in fact you ought to be the envy of your neighbours! broadband-speedTry it now – type in your postcode here Uswitch Broadband Speed Test Streetstats

Telephone wiring check – book a local Ex BT Engineer

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