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Here’s how to do a Broadband Speed test to determine if you have a line fault, and to make sure your Broadband connection line quality is acceptible. It’s quick and easy to test your Internet speed! Just select Broadband Speed Test for Apple Ipad Iphone or normal PC link in blue on the right.

If you have a crackly or noisy line this will massively slow your internet speed, and you need to do some investigating so grab a coffee and have a read, and I hope I can help you!.


The good old days – when I used to work for BT

BT Telephone Line Fault – What to check yourself, by Ex BT Engineer Geoff Grove

Your telephone line fault will be fixed free if the problem is just down to normal wear and tear. BT Openreach have to maintain your telephone line wiring from the exchange, up to and including your BT Master Socket or NTE5. You pay rental for the telephone line, and so it’s all covered!

A BT Engineer cannot charge you if the phone is dead and the line fault is with the Master Socket or phone wiring back to the exchange, provided you’ve not caused any damage yourself.

If you need to contact BT direct to place an order, investigate a line fault, increase Internet speed or you are at the end of your tether and want to escalate a complaint, click HERE for BT Contact Numbers

BT Test Socket, Master Socket, NTE5

If you have the new style master socket called an NTE5 (has a seperate split front panel) you can undo the two screws securing the lower plate, then carefully pull it forward and out of the way just enough to expose a second test socket. You can plug your phone, or even the broadband router or BT Home Hub into this and see if things are OK. Run my Broadband Speed Test to check everything is alright. An Increase Internet Speed should be observed – it will now be at it’s fastest available to your property, and if below an acceptible minimum level you should contact your Service Provider and suspect a fault with their wiring.

Line-Fault-Master-Socket-TestIf you plug a phone in the test socket and your phone line is dead, just call your service provider, and they will send BT out to repair the line fault. One word of caution, make sure you don’t have dampness or water ingress around the socket as they may say that the problem is down to a building defect.

If you plug a phone in to the test socket and things are OK, then you have a LINE FAULT ON YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT. It now becomes your responsibility.

First unplug every broadband filter, phone, Sky box telephone lead, all at once. Now replace the front plate. Plug a known good phone in, or just your BT router or Home Hub, and do my speed test (click link below in red). If your line is ok, plug each phone and filter back in – one at a time into the sockets and check for dial tone. You should be able to eliminate which one is causing the fault.

If your line is ok with the plate removed, but still faulty when you plug the Master Socket front plate back in with all your other equipment unplugged, then you have a LINE FAULT WITH YOUR OWN WIRING and it’s time to fix yourself, or call an Ex BT Engineer like me!

Broadband Speed Test, Increase Internet Speed

Broadband is strange, in that it can still function with just 1 wire intact. Your telephone line comes in to the house using 2 cores, so if there’s a break in 1 wire, your phone will be dead, however your broadband may still work! The Broadband speed test results will indicate a drop in internet connection speed, indicating that you have a line fault.

To do a simple and quick broadband speed test click on this link

Test My Broadband Speed Now

It’s a great quick way to see if everything is fine or not. The kind of broadband speed test result you want to see is 3 meg upwards (’1 o’clock’ upwards on the ‘speedo’)
See, easy! :-)

This Namesco broadband speed test is so quick and easy to do, and it won’t put any stupid programs or spy ware on your computer or hurt it in any way. It’s free, reliable, and will test your telephone wiring and Home Hub or BT Router all in one go. If you have a Mac Ipad or Iphone you may need to use a Mac Speed Tester like this Apple Mac and Ipad Speed Test

So, see how you get on. If you need any help you know where to come, help is here and it won’t cost you a fortune!
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