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One guy recently made headline news dealing with PPI Nuisance Calls by taking the company to court and billing them for his time in answering their calls!

How to stop Nuisance Calls & PPI Calls – Now you can fight back!


The ‘Good Old Days’ when I was a BT Openreach Engineer.

My article on Nuisance Calls and how to prevent them focusses on Richard Herman who warned the Cold Calling PPI company that if they called him again he would bill them for his time at a rate of £10 per minute.

The Nuisance Calls continued and he kept a log and recordings of all Nuisance Calls about PPI received. He informed them that would base his bill for the use of his telephone electricity and time dealing with their calls.

Richard Herman, plagued with Nuisance Calls, submitted his bill for £195 which was 19.5 minutes of his time answering and dealing with the PPI Cold Call company PPI Claim line Limited.

Like the rest of us, he wanted them to take his name off of their list, but when the calls continued he decided to bill them for his time and expense.

Even when the company denied making the PPI Nuisance Calls to him it didn’t deter him. He took them to court, but the case didn’t make it that far. They settled out of court for £220 and made him the payment.

Say No To Cold Calls – How to avoid Nuisance Calls

To help other people fed up with Nuisance Calls to do the same Mr Herman has set up a website with examples of covering letters and invoices to send to nuisance callers. You can view Richard Herman’s website here

Say No To Cold Calls


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