Slow Broadband

Slow Broadband – Where do I start, What to test?


The Good old days – when I used to work as a BT Openreach Engineer

Slow broadband can be caused by a number of things, some are down to faulty wiring inside your house, others in the BT Openreach network. The latter are free of charge to get sorted out!

Slow Broadband – Step 1 – Disconnect ALL equipment

To determine where the problem lies, first disconnect every filter phone or Sky Box plugged into your line, so you just have the main socket and extension sockets free.

Test with a known good phone and filter

Next, plug in your known good phone, and your router with the filter. Make sure the line sounds clear with no crackles. Try your broadband out and see what your speed is. You can click my Broadband Speed Test to check the line in 30 seconds. You should as a very rough guide get upwards of 3Mb per second (That’s 2 O’clock on the speed test dial).

If everything is now OK, plug the things you took out back in, one by one, each time re testing the line, until you find out what caused your problem.

Step 2 – Locate the master socket or NTE

If you still have problems, next you need to prove if the fault is inside or outside.

Have you got the newer type of master socket or NTE5 ? It’s a fairly large socket front, same size as a light switch, with a split front panel in two halves. Undo the two screws and put to one side. Withdraw the plate slowly to reveal another test socket behind. This should be the first point that the BT Openreach Network terminates on in your house.

Plug your known good phone, filter and Router in to the test socket. Check the line is clear, no crackles. Go ahead and do the speed test again and see if your speed has increased.

Noisy line but advisor tells you ‘it tests OK’

If you have any crackle or noise on the line, you need to call your service provider at this point and they will instruct BT Openreach to come out and fix your line. If the advisor palms you off with ‘Well it’s testing ok’… ignore, and insist they send someone. After all you’ve done your test and there’s a noise on the line! If your speed is bad have them visit – provided you’ve managed to determine that the fault is outside (Or within your house up to and including the master socket). The only way they can raise a charge against you is if there is dampness or corrosion damage to the wiring or master socket inside due to your defective building, or abuse with a hoover as you bash it!

Test panel back on

If things are OK, BUT when you put that test panel back together on the master socket your speed drops significantly, then you have an internal wiring problem and it’s that time to consider calling your service provider to send Openreach out OR call an independent Ex BT Engineer like myself or one of my colleagues to fix your fault and save you money at the same time.

You can reach me on 07790 200800 and 01702 200800

No more flannel !

My name is Geoff and i’m here to help you and provide you with a first class service without the flannel, high charges, or long wait for an answer that you can’t understand anyway.

Get in touch and don’t put up with those niggles or slow broadband any longer! You just found a new friend! 🙂