Speed Test Mac

The Speed Test Mac and Ipad is designed to test Internet download speeds on Iphone, Ipad and Apple Mac devices. Unlike many Broadband Speed Testers this one doesn’t use Flash Player so it will work first time.
Always do an Internet Speed Test before you report a fault with your line, or alter any wiring.

Speed Test Mac – How to test Broadband Internet speed on an Iphone or Apple Mac

Speed Test MacWhilst working at a customers premises I wanted to demonstrate their Internet Connection Speed – before and after I had made alterations to their telephone wiring. They had an Apple Mac and an Iphone which do not support Flash Player, and this prevented the Namesco Internet Broadband Speed Tester I usually recommend from working.

I searched on Google for Broadband Speed Test Mac and after a while came up with a website called TestMy.net. I decided to try out this Broadband Speed Tester for Apple to check the Internet speed with an Ethernet lead connected directly to the router at the BT Master socket and then compare the reading with a wireless connection. No software download or installation was necessary.

Speed Test IpadI found the Mac Speed Test to give consistent results, and display Broadband speed within 30 seconds. It proved to be a quick, easy and reliable Internet Speed Test for Ipads and Iphones.

Speed Test Ipad

Using the Speed Test Mac I found that the wireless speed was up to 11 mbps using the speed test Ipad but only 3 mbps on the customers old Mac computer. So the Ipad performed in that situation even faster than a direct wired connection. Their old Apple Mac will now be replaced, and an upgrade is imminent!

Speed Test Apple Mac and Iphone

You don’t have to download any Apps, software or programs to use this Mac Speed Test, that’s exactly what I need in a customers premises. I don’t want to install stuff on their equipment needlessly to carry out an Internet Speed Test.
If you’re looking for a fast Speed Test Mac try this out. Takes under 30 seconds and gives me reliable results for an instant comparison.
You can run the Speed Test Mac and Iphone here Speed Test my Internet connection speed for Iphone and Apple
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