BT NTE5c Master Socket Linebox

BT NTE5c Master Socket Linebox replaces the long established BT NTE5a Master Socket. No special tools are needed to connect the NTE5c to your existing wiring. Because It uses ‘Cam’ style connections, it is therefore ideal for DIY installation.

BT NTE5c Master Socket

BT NTE5c Master Socket Linebox now available through Amazon

BT NTE5c Master Socket without Filtered Frontplate

Most notably, the new NTE5c from BT Openreach, features a clip on front panel – removable without using any special tools. If you want to remove the front panel to disconnect your own extension wiring, or to carry out a line test simply grip both sides, press and pull forwards.

Termination for the incoming telephone line is via a Cam style connector needing no special tools to connect the wires. The Cam connector is lifted by pulling back with your thumb, then the telephone wire (not stripped) is inserted into the clear Cam. Once fully inserted, applying firm pressure on the cam locks the wire into place and makes the connection, simple!

When running your own telephone extension cable, you terminate this in the same way via the Cam connector on the front of the rear section of the NTE5c Master Socket.

NTE5c Master Socket Linebox and Filtered Front Plate kit

Purchase this kit if you do not already have an NTE5c Master Socket Linebox installed. Please note that the Filtered Front Plate is NOT interchangeable with the NTE5a version. They are completely different products. If you would like help or advice please call me, and I will advise which version is right for your situation.

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BT Infinity Master Socket

To achieve the fastest Broadband speed possible that your telephone line can support, it is vital to upgrade your BT Infinity Master Socket to a BT NTE5. Furthermore, ensure that you fit the latest vDSL Faceplate which includes an integral Broadband filter. Following these steps can transform your Internet experience. Release your telephone line’s full potential by preventing existing extension socket wiring from slowing your connection speed.

BT Infinity Master Socket with a vDSL Faceplate

BT Infinity Master SocketIn your property you may have old telephone wiring that’s been added to over the years. Extension sockets in various rooms, all spurred off of the main incoming telephone line. High Speed Fibre Broadband can be compromised by ‘Star Wiring’ which connects extension sockets together. ‘Star Wiring’ creates unwanted reflections of the Broadband signal. Therefore, by fitting a filtered vDSL Faceplate you will ensure full Broadband speed.


Upgrade BT Infinity Master Socket – 3 easy steps to follow

1. Firstly, ensure that the Router is situated in the same vicinity as the NTE5 BT Infinity Master Socket.
2. Secondly, check that the extension wiring in your house is fed from the removable front panel of the vDSL faceplate.
3. Finally, you can fit the vDSL Faceplate which has a built in filter. This will act as a ‘buffer’ between the incoming line that feeds the router, and extension wiring that potentially can pick up interference from the mains electrical wiring. Any electrical noise generated around your home will interfere with the high speed data, therefore fitting the faceplate reduces the risk of this happening.

Here is the correct Mk3 vDSL faceplate that you need to fit on to a BT NTE5a. Most of all these should be fitted – as standard, to all BT Infinity and High Speed Fibre installations.

This is the NTE5a socket, back box and Filtered Frontplate supplied together

Ensure that you carry out a Broadband Speed Test before you upgrade to the latest BT Infinity Master Socket. Repeat this step once you have fitted the new NTE5 BT Infinity vDLS Faceplate. Discover how much of an increase in speed you have created. As a result you should now find that Sky ‘On Demand’ and ‘TV Catchup’ services should work much better now.

To read more about how to fit this improved faceplate to your existing NTE5 BT Master Socket click here How to upgrade to a BT Infinity Faceplate