Who Called Me

Who Called Me ? How do I find out? There are two websites on the Internet to help you trace calls – Who Called Me and Who Calls Me dot com. Both let you type in a number displayed on the Caller Display on your phone, or a callers phone number obtained by listening to 1471, and help you find out who called you.

More and more people are being plagued with annoying scam phone calls from PPI Claims line calls, sales calls from marketing companies fishing for your information and selling it on. They are in it to make money, not to help you out.
Who Called Me dot com attempts to give you the power to discover who keeps ringing you. Beat the nuisance callers and block their number!

Who Calls Me

who called meCalls can originate from ‘Autodialers’ – Autodiallers are also used to make many short duration calls, to mobiles or landlines, leaving a missed call number which is either premium rate or contains advertising messages.

Sometimes these calls are silent which can be distressing especially for the elderly or nervous people. You wonder who it is that called you and think it may be malicious, when in fact it’s a ‘computerised dialer’ trying – but failing to connect you to a call centre.

Using the Who Called me website, or simply Googling the number can put your mind at ease, making it possible to find out who it was that called. Mobile phone companies asking you to upgrade or change service provider are also high on the Who Called Me list.

How do I find out Who Called Me – First Try and Google the number

When you get a call from an unfamiliar number, first try a Google Search for the telephone number. If others have received nuisance calls it might tell you who it is – which company. Try the Who Calls Me, or Who Called Me dot com website – just enter the number that’s bothering you.
It’s important and reassuring to use the Who Called Me service to give you peace of mind – by alerting you to a scam or bogus caller, and once identified, you often find other people have received the same call from that number.
Google a phone number – it’s amazing what you find out!
Type a phone number, for example: 0843 410 4689
Go ahead – Google a phone number that called you, see if it’s mentioned in a forum or discussion. You’re often not the only one receiving the calls and it tells you in the results who’s number it is. End the frustration and worry of trying to figure out who called you. Was it a relative or friend you hadn’t heard from for ages, or was it a hoax caller or a scam? In the example above, the caller was a PPI company.

You have a Virus on your computer – scam calls

People receive lots of calls from people claiming to be from Microsoft, asking you to turn your computer on so that they can take control. They will try and trick you into revealing passwords and personal information. Do not be worried as there is nothing wrong with your computer – hang up, and notify the police if the caller is persistent.

Try this website out – Who Called Me

It’s very easy to use Who Called Me and you will be amazed with how quickly the results are displayed. If your hoax call number is held on the database it will tell you which company is responsible, so you have instant peace of mind. Click this link
Who Calls Me
Be prepared, be smart and stay safe. Never give out important information over the phone to a stranger or company. Never reveal passwords or respond to telephone calls from banks – if there’s anything important for them to discuss with you they will do it by letter.
Use the Who Calls Me service, or Google the telephone number to verify who the caller is and what company they represent, and don’t get pressured into revealing information if you don’t feel comfortable about giving it.

Use Google to look up a Telephone Number Area Code

Type in to Google the area code and it will tell you where that person is calling from! Easy 🙂