vDSL Faceplate for BT Infinity Broadband

Fact: A considerable Broadband speed increase can be achieved by fitting a vDSL Faceplate for BT Infinity Broadband. If you have extension wiring to various telephone sockets in your house – even if they aren’t in use you need one of these fitted to your Master Socket for the fastest possible Internet speed.

vDSL Faceplate BT Infinity

Enjoy Faster Internet Connection – Use a vDSL Faceplate for BT Infinity Broadband

The BT vDSL Faceplate is in itself easy to fit, but in order for it to function properly it is crucial for your telephone wiring to be wired in the correct way (read on).
It will improve BT Infinity Fibre to the cabinet High Speed Broadband, plus conventional Broadband connections too.
The effects of poorly configured extension wiring after the BT Master Socket must not be underestimated! It will degrade your Broadband speed.

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What makes BT Infinity or Fibre Broadband faster?

The telephone line starts life at the exchange, and travels to your house (or business premises) down copper cable (sometimes aluminium alloy cable if you are unlucky). If you have Fibre or BT Infinity High Speed Broadband this leaves the exchange on a Fibre Optic cable, and goes as far as the ‘cabinet’ or ‘green box’ that serves your estate. From there it terminates on the copper pair of wires for the remainder of it’s journey to you. Therefore Fibre or BT Infinity is faster because it often only travels say one third of the distance on traditional copper wires (the last section that slows it down).

How should the Telephone Wiring inside my house be connected?

It is essential for the BT phone line to enter your premises and connect initially to the rear part of the BT Master Socket or NTE5. In some cases extension sockets and burglar alarms could have been ‘tee’d’ into the line before the Master Socket – causing unwanted reflections back down the wiring, and hence the drop in Internet speed. This diagram shows how things should be wired up.

correctly wired extensionsFirst, you (or a competent telephone engineer), MUST make sure that your NTE5 is the FIRST thing connected to your line. This gives the correct test signature when your Service Provider carries out a Line Test.

The BLUE cable shown is BT Openreach’s responsibility, and the RED part is yours. The ‘Network Interface Device’ is your NTE5 or BT Master Socket. BT Openreach are responsible for the phone line up to – and including this, the Master Socket. Thereafter any faults are down to you (and chargeable should you want Openreach to fix it).
Importantly the removable front plate gives you a way of isolating your own wiring, should there be a fault on the line. Without the ability to disconnect your extensions and check the phone line from the BT Test Socket, you have no way of identifying a BT external fault or something wrong with your own extension wiring.

OK you’re ready to connect the new vDSL Faceplate !

vDLS FaceplateOnce you are confident that things are wired in the correct way, simply remove the lower part of the NTE5 front plate and place to one side. Take the vDSL Faceplate and manoeuvre it into position so that it plugs in to the rear part of the NTE5 still attached to the wall. You will find the gap cut out at the bottom allows you to fit this without disconnecting the extension cable from the original front plate.

Once in position, offer up the lower half of the NTE5 front plate and secure using the replacement long screws. Remove your existing conventional ADSL filter and insert the cable from the router directly into the top socket. Plug the cable from your telephone into the lower conventional phone socket.

BT Master Socket FaceplateThings should now be looking like this. In the picture the Blue wire connects to ‘2’ and the White Blue to ‘5’. If you wish you can connect the ‘bell circuit’ wire to ‘3’. Because of the ‘barrier effect’ of the new filtered Faceplate your extension wiring and bell circuit will have negligible effect on the broadband speed.

Lastly carry out a Broadband Speed Test

Now if you do a Broadband Speed Test you should find that your speed has increased. If your line is provided by Sky you may need to call them and mention that you have altered the wiring, and ask them to ‘re profile’ your line. They will reset the connection speed of your router and it should connect without restriction.

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