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Do you have nagging Wifi problems around your home or business? Want to improve your Wifi Network and stop your connection dropping out? Make your Broadband even faster !
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WiFi ProblemsThere are various tips and tricks to fix your Wifi problems or improve your Wifi coverage. This article enables you make an informed choice, and select the best solution for your home or office Broadband setup.

Wifi Signal

Read my tips and tricks article and see what would work best in your home or office setup. Choose a wired network and bypass the reliance on the Wifi signal for ultimate results and no Wifi problems.

Wifi problems or slow Internet – Help is here!

Contact me if you would like a wired network installed and end the frustration of slow or dropped connections. Try one of the following devices for a quick fix.

Simplify things – keep it basic, go cordless

Consider doing away with unused extension sockets. With only the BT master socket and no other wiring  you will achieve maximum Internet speed direct from the street. There will be no loss of performance. Unused extension wiring can act as an aerial, picking up interference from your mains electrical wiring in your house. The more noise you have on your line the slower your Internet connection will be.
Here’s a great looking Panasonic Cordless at a low price – and with over 1500 top reviews!

Change your installation. Have a master socket or NTE and use a good quality cordless phone in place of your old ‘tired’ phone. Here’s a terrific Panasonic phone from Amazon which has great reviews and won’t hurt your wallet. Place a handset in the garage or near the back door. Now if you’re cleaning the car or gardening you won’t have to take off boots to answer a call. I brought one myself and have been very pleased. Click my link, buy it, plug it in, and away you go!

Wifi Range Extender – two types

Wifi-range-extenderA Wifi Range Extender plugs in to a mains power point. It should be positioned midway between the router and the area where you loose WiFi coverage. It works by receiving the transmitted Broadband Internet signal, and re transmitting it or ‘repeating’ it. Hence the name Broadband repeater. These units are available for around £25 and look similar to a plug in air freshener. Follow the instructions and it should be quick and easy to set up. Keep the packaging intact, so you can return it – if it doesn’t fix your Wifi problems.

Wireless-access-pointThe second type is sometimes referred to as a Wireless Access Point and for this you run a network cable or Ethernet cable from your router to a black spot in your house, then plug that end into the wireless access point. It might look similar to your router or hub, needs a mains supply and the Ethernet cable to be plugged in. It receives the broadband signal via the Ethernet network cable, and then re transmits this signal. Eliminate Wifi problems by giving wifi coverage in an area in your house that was always troublesome and flaky.

Power line Adaptor

Powerline AdaptorThe Power line adaptor usually comes in either a pair of units or in a pack of 3. Looking like a large mains plug the ‘sender’ plugs into an electric point near to the router, and is also plugged in to the router with an Ethernet cable.
The unit converts the Internet signal and ‘injects’ it into the mains electrical wiring in your house. Your first and second remote units elsewhere in the house retrieve the signal and output it via an Ethernet cable. You can use this type of unit to link your Sky Box or SMART TV where the WiFi signal is poor, to use On Demand service and Catch Up TV.

I recommend the TP Link AV500 unit – it’s a fantastic ‘out of the box’ solution that works really well to distribute Internet around the house both wirelessly and directly to your Sky TV via your mains wiring. I’ve seen this in action, does what it says on the tin, and I thoroughly recommend it – it has over 3000 good reviews. Click the image below for info and purchase from Amazon.

The Power line Adaptor works best if the units share the same ring main. For this reason it’s often a case of ‘suck it and see’.Keep all the packaging so that you can return the unit if it doesn’t do what you need it to do.
A brand I’ve witnessed working with BT Infinity carrying 70 meg download speed is made by TP Link and sold by Amazon. Click the picture for details and to purchase. It worked so well that even though it didn’t share the same ring main, there were no speed reductions and the BT Infinity fibre 70 megabits per second download speed coming in to the property was available both upstairs and downstairs in the large house.

Wifi problems and Wifi Coverage

CelotexWifi coverage is compromised by wall insulation that prevents the transmitted signals from the Router passing through. Celotex insulation is coated with metal foil, also found on types of plasterboard. It causes Wifi and mobile phone reception problems in some buildings.
Often, you can boost the signal by placing the router and Wifi dongle or laptop in line of sight either through a doorway or window. This way the the Wifi signal has less structure to pass through.

Wifi Network

Cat-6When your Wifi network simply isn’t good enough, and the above suggestions don’t work, often the best solution of all is to install a wired network. CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable is similar to telephone cable. Install it around the house internally or externally and terminated at either end with an Ethernet socket.

No more Sky Box On Demand buffering

You could ‘hard wire’ your Wifi network to your Sky Box in the lounge from the Router in your office with a network cable and get a superior result to any wireless device.
Unlike telephone wiring you cannot have a number of these points connected to one CAT 5 cable. You need to run individual network cables to each desired location. Your router will often have 4 outputs so you can run up to 4 Ethernet network extensions around the house. You can further increase this number, or split the network signal with a network switch to enable you to plug in even more devices!

XBox Ping Time

XBox-pingXbox Ping time – the time it takes for a computer to send out data to the server, and receive a response, measured in milliseconds.
Ping time is important for kids playing on computer games against friends. If Ping time is too high during a gun battle, players will be disadvantaged and get shot before their own shot registers. If it’s possible, connect your router directly to your games console with a wired network Ethernet cable. Direct connection is the best solution for very fast connection speed, low Ping Time, and therefore more likely to beat your opponent! 🙂 I can install a wired network extension cable for you so you don’t have any more ping time problems.

Wifi Booster

A Wifi Booster is the same as the Wifi Range Extender above. I dislike the term ‘Booster’ because it doesn’t make your Broadband any faster than at the point where it comes into your house at the Router, it simply distributes it more efficiently.

Tried Extenders and Boosters but still have WiFi problems ?

You need a wired connection – a home or small office wired computer network using CAT5 cable. Read more Home Computer Network Cable Setup

Get the very best Broadband speed your line is capable of. Read on..

First things first – before checking your Internet speed make a call using your land line for a couple of minutes to check that you have dial tone, and to make sure that the line is free from any noise or crackles. You might not have used your land line phone for a while and even if your Internet is working it only needs 1 wire to function. Therefore a fault can exist on your line – slowing your Internet speed down. You would never realise this unless you attempted to make a call.
Not only that, you might think you have a Wifi connection problem when in actual fact it’s down to faulty telephone wires.
If you discover your line is dead, follow my instructions on this page Phone line dead – what to check

Remove the Bell Circuit

Internet-speedThere are various ways to speed up your Internet speed by making some simple changes to your existing telephone wiring in your house to maximise internet connection speeds. This includes removing the ‘Bell Circuit’ – an old standard BT way of connecting telephone sockets around your house. It is fine if used exclusively for telephony, but not with Broadband signals.

Filtered Front Plate, or Digital Plate

Ensuring you have the new style master socket or ‘NTE5’ is good practise. However further gains in speed are achievable by fitting a ‘Digital Front Plate’, or ‘Filter Plate’. This acts as a barrier between your incoming phone line, and the rest of your own wiring and extension sockets which could normally slow your line. The ‘Filter plate’ creates a barrier between your extension wiring and the BT Openreach line. You  will achieve the very best broadband connection speed possible. I fit these for you and give your wiring a complete health check and tidy up.

Increase Internet speed with Fibre Broadband BT Infinity

BT Infinity Superfast Broadband will make your Internet speed much faster. You could see a speed increase of ten times what you are currently getting (unless you are experiencing WiFi problems). End those frustrating pauses while you watch that blue bar creeping slowly across your screen. Things always seems to take for ever! A word of caution – when you book an engineer to visit be sure to make it clear if you have working BT Telephone Extension sockets. State that you want them to remain that way before any modification of your wiring goes ahead.

Booking a visit with a local broadband engineer

You’re already close to arranging a visit to end your frustration caused by slow Internet speed and Wifi problems. So go ahead and make a call to me. Have a chat, tell me what you expect to achieve and If I can help you I will ! Simple good old fashioned service with a smile 🙂

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Internet Speed in my area – find out what speed your neighbours are getting with Uswitch Streetstats !

While fault finding someone’s slow Broadband connection I discovered this incredibly handy comparison website. I conducted a Broadband test showing what speed my neighbours get and I want to share it with you.

Uswitch Broadband Streetstats broadband test speed checker

It’s so very quick and easy to use. There’s no cost, or dodgy software to download. Click the link to access the Uswitch website. Here you need to enter your postcode. Once you have done that, press enter. Next, a Google Map type screen shows pushpins displaying a broadband speed test result – all over your neighbourhood ! I was able to test and demonstrate my customers broadband connection and compare it with other houses in their road and surrounding homes. Results show what speeds are achievable. It demonstrates how poor their own connection was prior to upgrading old wiring. See instantly if you are getting a slower broadband connection than the average for your street, or if in fact you are their envy! broadband-speedTry it now – type in your post code here Uswitch Broadband Speed Test Streetstats

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