BT Infinity Master Socket

In order to achieve faster Broadband speeds it’s a very good idea to upgrade BT Infinity Master Socket by fitting the latest vDSL Faceplate. It could transform your Internet experience by releasing the full potential of your telephone line.

Here is what it looks like.
BT Infinity Master SocketIn your house you may have old wiring that’s been added to over the years; extension sockets in various rooms all spurred off of the main incoming telephone line.

For the Broadband signal this can create unwanted reflections that restrict your Internet performance.




Upgrade BT Infinity Master Socket – 3 easy steps to follow

1. Firstly you must ensure that the Router is situated in the same vicinity as the BT Infinity Master Socket or NTE5.
2. Secondly that the extension wiring in your house is fed from the removable front panel of the faceplate.
3. Purchase a vDSL Faceplate that has a built in filter – this will act as a ‘buffer’ between your incoming line, and all of the extension wiring that might normally pick up interference from your mains wiring etc and prevent it interfering with the high speed data.

Here is the correct Mk3 vDSL faceplate you need, which is also fitted as standard to BT Infinity and Fibre installations.

Carry out a Broadband Speed Test before you upgrade your BT Infinity Master Socket and again after you have fitted the new BT Infinity vDLS Faceplate, and see how much of an increase you now have. You have just released your telephone line’s full potential.

To read more about fitting this faceplate to your existing BT Master Socket click here How to upgrade to a BT Infinity Faceplate

Upgrade BT Home Hub FREE !

Are you with BT for Broadband and have terrible WiFi coverage around the house? If your Internet connection regularly drops or your router constantly needs resetting you could make some enquires!
If you have the earlier Home Hub 3 you can get an upgrade BT Home Hub for free! I did just that!

Upgrade BT Home Hub for FREE !

Upgrade BT Home HubThe newer Hub 4 and Hub 5 operate on Dual Band frequencies – 2 ‘radio stations’ (communicate with all your tablets and Iphones etc using a different frequency which gives better range / speed).
Home Hub 3If BT are your service provider give them a call, explain to them that you would like better WiFi coverage around your house and in particular if you have it, that you aren’t able to take full advantage of the faster BT Internet Connection Speed offered by Fibre or Superfast Broadband, and they will upgrade you to the Hub 4.
If you are willing to pay extra, the new BT Home Hub 5 does away with the separate white box if you have the High Speed Broadband so it’s neater, less clutter and only 1 power adaptor instead of 2 so possibly cheaper to run over the course of a year although you have the initial outlay. Upgrade BT Home Hub makes sense, call BT today to see if you can enjoy all the benefits.

New Contract trap – be careful

BT Home Hub 4Make sure when you ask for your free upgrade that it isn’t subject to you extending or renewing your contract. Insist that if your service is poor, WiFi coverage in your home is patchy, you receive the new Home Hub upgrade because you are paying for a service that you aren’t getting or is compromised.
Another money saving tip from Ex BT Engineers 01702 200800
Service always with a smile 🙂

BT Openreach Criticised for Failing to Deliver Broadband

BT Openreach Criticised for Failing to Deliver Broadband to rural communities

The BBC News Look East program interviewed a company setting up and operating Super Fast Broadband for 160 villages across Essex and Suffolk, as an alternative to using BT Openreach. They are plugging a big rural gap in the market for Broadband connection, and serve areas not connected by BT Openreach.

Wireless approach provides rural villages with High Speed Superfast Broadband

rural broadbandBT Openreach Criticised for Failing to Deliver Broadband to rural communities and not doing enough for it’s customers. The independent company featured in the BBC report use a very different technology – not using what’s referred to as ‘The Last Mile’ or ‘Copper Network’. This alternative network is wireless so it isn’t affected by the same issues surrounding civil work required for burying laying cable and ducting. In the report a church was used as one of the bases for a transmitter. Churches are often situated on high ground with a clear line of site so I’m sure make very good places indeed for antennas.

Superfast Rural Broadband

Each village has 4 or 5 transmitter points. Each of these points also have multiple transmitters. A village can have between 20 and 25 transmitters to aid Broadband coverage.
The church houses one of many dedicated networks built for villages that want it. Services from small companies like this are growing in demand. The recent report backed by cross-party MPs said that BT should be forced to sell it’s Openreach service because of poor performance.

Broadband in Rural Location

BT Openreach CriticisedOne business owner commented that the attitude of BT blames customers for choosing to live in a rural environment and there are many things you do not get in rural areas. One of these is adequate Broadband coverage and residential and business customers alike should accept that Broadband is not something you get in such a location.
This customer now has Superfast Broadband based on the wireless technology is proving a viable alternative for rural locations.
BT Openreach Criticised for Failing to Deliver Broadband to rural communities and will hopefully do more now that they are in the media spotlight for the wrong reasons.

Voicemail Ring Time Extend Ringtone

How to lengthen the Voicemail ring time and extend ringtone on an O2 phone to stop Voicemail coming in too early.

I know this post is slightly off topic as it’s not about landlines, but it may help someone set up their O2 Voicemail Message Settings. My O2 mobile phone was only ringing 4 times and then going to answerphone message. I tried going through the O2 Voicemail settings to alter the number of rings before Voicemail cut in, but after dialling 901 and going through all of the options, I found there was no way to adjust the number of rings and extend ringtone.
voicemail ring timeI searched on Google and came across instructions on how to lengthen ring time on O2 Mobile Phone. There’s also a video, and I’m going to share this with you now. Similar instructions may apply to other Service Provider mobile phones to extend Voicemail Ring Time.
Video Instructions How To Extend Ringtone

How to Lengthen Voicemail Ring time O2 Mobile before Voicemail cuts in

The following method will work on any O2 mobile and means you can control the time interval before a call goes to Voicemail.

Enter the following into your keypad as though you were just making a call:
**61*901*11*30# then simply press ‘call’.

Please note 30 is the time in seconds before Voicemail kicks in and can be set in increments of 5 ie. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 to a maximum of 30 seconds. (also see video)

How to switch Voicemail on and off

Alternatively you can switch Voicemail off completely by calling 1760 from your mobile when you know you will be available to answer calls. Switch on again when needed by calling 1750.

Voicemail Settings when travelling abroad

To avoid charges when travelling overseas switch off Voicemail before you go as you cannot do so once you have left the UK

Can I Move Master Socket

Can I Move Master Socket ?

Many people call me asking can I move Master Socket to a more suitable position. Your main telephone point may not be in an ideal location. In some houses I’ve been to, the master telephone socket is in the hallway and not next to an electrical socket. This is impractical when it comes to plugging in a router hub or cordless phone. Trailing wires present a trip hazard and will wear through if positioned under carpet, so it’s best to move master socket to a more practical position.

Where is the Best Position for a BT Master Telephone Socket

move master socketI would recommend move master socket to the lounge, near to where the TV is situated. That way the Broadband Router can plug into the telephone line and Ethernet patch leads can connect the hub to your Sky TV Box or an X-Box. This will make the Sky On Demand download much faster than relying on WiFi. Many TV’s nowadays are SMART TV’s and require an Ethernet network connection so now your Hub will be in the best position to allow you to do this too. The family probably use mobile phones and tablets in the viscinity of the lounge so your router will work much better with WiFi as it will now be more central.

How to Move Master Socket

If you are a BT customer you can call BT on 150 for the Sales Department and book an appointment to move the master socket. It will cost you in the region of £130

If you call out an independent Telephone Engineer some will be reluctant to touch the main telephone socket as this is down to BT Openreach to maintain. Some telephone engineers will do the work for you, others less willing. Having worked for BT for 23 years, one of my main jobs was to remove the old dial phones and replace with a plug and socket instead of the Hardwired installation. I have replaced and moved many BT Master Sockets.

Now that I am working as an independent Telephone Engineer I’m not sure if I should move the master socket. I have the technical expertise and I was trained by BT to carry out any work on a phone line. BT is a huge company, and if I called 150 and spoke to someone in India, can you imagine how long the conversation would last if I tried to obtain authorisation to do this type of work? I would say it is in BTs interest for me to move master socket because if I mess it up they would get £130 to put things right. Of course I wouldn’t mess anything up and the job would be done to a high standard and work first time, perfectly.

You could try moving the master socket yourself but if you get things wrong then BT will present you with a hefty bill to reinstate the wiring. Therefore it is best done by someone who knows how it should be done properly.

Master Socket Test Plate

BT-test-socketThe correct way of wiring a Master Socket or as BT call it an NTE 5 is for your telephone line to electrically connect to it first. It must be first in line, before any of the other telephone sockets in your house. Your extension wiring around the house connects to the removable front Test Plate. This gives you a way of isolating your own wiring by undoing the two font plate screws and moving to one side. This reveals a second socket, or Test Socket, and enables you to plug your phone in to make sure that the telephone line from outside has dial tone and functions correctly.


Filtered ‘Digital Front Plate or Fibre Front Plate

filtered-front-plateWiring your Master Socket up correctly in this way makes it difficult to attempt this as a DIY job. If the Master Socket is just ‘teed into the line’ then the extension socket wiring may slow your Broadband and Internet down. A Filtered Front Plate or ‘Digital Plate’ is a good idea to have in place. It acts as a barrier between the Master Socket and the rest of your extension wiring, meaning that you can achieve the highest speed possible for your computer and X-Box. This Filtered Front Plate is also sometimes called a Fibre Front Plate as it is used when you have High Speed Fibre Broadband, or BT Infinity fitted.


More Telephone Engineers join our team

I would like to welcome aboard Michael Blackston, Darren Rogan, Rob Govier, Mark Thomas and Ross Scott. They are the latest Telephone Engineers join our team of over 70 Telephone Engineers based right across the UK.

‘Together we cover Telephone Broadband and Business Telephone Systems across whole of the UK, England Scotland and Wales’

Telephone-Engineers-JoinRob Govier covers work in Stockton-On-Tees, and is the director of Telecom Green.
Michael Blackston specialises in Business Telephone Systems and Structured Cabling and has many years experience with BT. Like myself he became disillusioned and left to start his own company. He is based in Burnley.
Darren Rogan carries out Telephone and Broadband repairs in the Falkirk Scotland area.
Mark Thomas based in Slough has a background working on Mitel and Panasonic Business Telephone Systems.
Ross Scott is Special Fault Investigation trained, and covers Birkenhead, Merseyside and Liverpool. He is happy to run CAT 5 and CAT 6 networks for home and small business installations.
These are the latest Telephone Engineers to join my specialist team, and collectively we have a pool of considerable experience and knowledge.

Register your interest

If you know someone who has worked for BT and would like to register for work in their own area, then please get in touch or forward my details to them.

Powerline Adapters

When you want Internet access in a remote part of your house, you could use Powerline Adapters to obtain a wired Ethernet connection using your existing household electrical wiring.

How the Powerline Adaptors work

Using the latest technology, you can get up to 500Mbps of data transfer using the TP Link Powerline Adapters to connect your computer or television in a different room. The Broadband signal comes out of your Hub, and plugs into the Powerline Adapter using an Ethernet lead. This then plugs into your household mains socket. The Broadband signal is sent around the house on your electrical wiring, and decoded in the room of your choice using the second supplied Powerline Adapter. This gives you an Ethernet connection for your Smart TV, Computer or Sky Box.
The Powerline Adaptor I recommend shown below also doubles up as a Wireless Hotspot giving you extended WiFi around your home or business where previously you had a weak signal.

Power line Adaptor

powerline-adaptorYou don’t need any cables run round your skirting board and no more mess! Just buy a pair of Powerline Adapters if you want to connect your Sky box, BT Vision, X-Box or Desktop PC to your router which is in another room.
When you use Powerline Adaptors, plug them directly into the wall socket. they work faster this way rather than plugging them into an extension lead, or plug block.
Keep the packaging. Sometimes, depending on your house wiring, powerline Adapters may not work. It is trial and error. In most houses with one consumer unit you should be able to connect.

TP Link Powerline Adapters

TP Link Powerline AdaptersClick on my link above, which will take you straight to Amazon. You will see that the Powerline Adapters I have recommended have over 2,300 positive reviews meaning that you can buy with confidence.
Remember to keep the packaging, just in case they don’t work in your particular situation.
Carry on reading my Blog if you could also do with some new wireless cordless handsets as I have some I recommend that also have rave reviews!