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Internet speed – What can I do to increase it ?

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Internet Speed – What can I do to increase it ?

First things first – before checking your Internet speed make a call using your land line for a couple of minutes to check that you have dial tone, and to make sure that the line is free from any noise or crackles. You might not have used your land line phone for a while and even if your Internet is working it only needs 1 wire to function. Therefore if there was a fault on your line slowing your Internet speed down you would never realise unless you tried to make a call. If you discover your line is dead, follow my instructions on this page Phone line dead – what to check

Simplify things – keep it basic, go cordless

Here’s a great looking Panasonic with top reviews and a low price!
Consider doing away with unused extension sockets. With just the BT master socket and no other wiring attached you will be getting the very best Internet speed direct from the street, without any losses. How about just having a master socket or NTE and using a good quality cordless phone to replace your old tired phone. Here’s a terrific Panasonic phone from Amazon which has great reviews and won’t hurt your wallet. You could pop a handset in the garage or near the back door so if you’re cleaning the car or gardening you don’t have to take off boots to answer a call. I brought one myself and have been very pleased. Click my link, buy it, plug it in, and away you go!

Internet-speedThere are various ways to speed up your Internet speed by making some simple changes to your existing telephone wiring in your house to maximise internet connection speeds. These include removing the ‘Bell Circuit’ – an old standard BT way of connecting telephone sockets around your house, which is fine when used just for telephony, but a different story with Broadband signals.

Filtered Front Plate, or Digital Plate

Making sure you have a new style master socket also known as an NTE5 is good practise, but a further enhancement is made to this by fitting a ‘Digital Front Plate’, or ‘Filter Plate’, which acts as a barrier between your phone line coming in, and the rest of your own wiring and extension sockets which could normally slow your line. With the ‘Filter plate’ a barrier is placed between your wiring and the BT Openreach line coming in, ensuring you have the very best broadband connection speed possible. I can fit these for you and give your wiring a complete health check and tidy up.

Increase Internet speed with Fibre Broadband BT Infinity

BT Infinity Superfast Broadband will make your Internet speed much faster. You could see a speed increase of ten times what you are currently getting. End those frustrating pauses while you watch that blue bar climbing across your screen, which always seems to take for ever! A word of caution – when you book an engineer to visit be sure to make it clear if you have working BT Telephone Extension sockets, and state that you want them to remain that way before any modification of your wiring goes ahead.

Booking a visit with a local broadband engineer

You’re already close to arranging a visit to end your frustration caused by slow Internet speed, so go ahead and pick that phone up. Call me and have a chat, tell me what you expect to achieve and If I can help you I will ! Simple good old fashioned service with a smile :-)

For an engineer near you click here

Internet Speed in my area – find out what speed your neighbours are getting with Uswitch Streetstats !

While fault finding someone’s slow broadband connection I came across this incredibly handy comparison website that does a broadband test showing what speed my neighbours get and I want to share it with you.

Uswitch Broadband Streetstats broadband test speed checker

It’s so very quick and easy to use. There’s no cost, or dodgy software to download. Simply click on the link below, which will take you directly to the Uswitch website and present you with a box to enter your postcode. Once you have done that, press enter. Next, a Google Map type screen shows pushpins displaying a broadband speed test result – all over your neighbourhood ! I was able to test and demonstrate my customers broadband connection and compare it with other houses in their road and surrounding homes. We could see what kind of speed was achievable, and how abysmal theirs was before I started work on their old wiring. See instantly if you are getting a slower broadband connection than the average for your street, or if in fact you are their envy! broadband-speedTry it now – type in your post code here Uswitch Broadband Speed Test Streetstats

Telephone wiring check – book a local Ex BT Engineer

Store my number in your phone and call me! Tell your friends about my service! Geoff 07790 200800

What broadband speed are my neighbours getting ?

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How can I see what other neighbours are getting in my road, and how do I know if my speed is slower than what I should expect?
There’s a website with a gadget – simply put in your postcode and it will show you with a Google style map what speeds are available in your area to each house ! Read more Broadband speed in my neighbourhood

XBox Problems

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Ok so you have your new XBox but you’re having XBox problems connecting to the internet? Explore my site for a few things you can check yourself.

XBox Ping Time

XBox-problemsIn order not to keep getting shot or beaten by your enemy or opponent you need a good fast Broadband connection. Do a broadband speed test (see my links on the right) to make sure your line is quick. If the Broadband Speed Test gives you some good results but you still have poor XBox connection, you need to think about the wireless strength.



XBox connection using a network cable

If your router or Home Hub are some distance away, you might consider a wired network connection with an ethernet cable, directly from your XBox to the router. This will eliminate any lag or XBox problems with walls and insulation causing bad signal strength in your house.

XBox problems

I have engineers right across the UK who can come round, test your internet speed and check your house telephone wiring to make sure everything is ok. After doing that, you might want a network connection point run from your router or hub to your XBox or Sky Box. This will enable you to download films using the On Demand much faster, and without buffering time.

It’s not expensive so call me now and I can help you find a quick solution to all your connection and internet based XBox problems !

BT Lines Down

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With all the local flooding and sea defences stretched to the limit, there is bound to be major disruption with many BT Lines down. Phone lines have taken a pounding from the elements causing loss of broadband and dial tone.

Superfast Broadband Repair Service for flooded areas

flood-damageWater damage and flooding don’t bode well with anything electrical, and as the water subsides, BT joint boxes will still be full of water.

A wet underground joint will cause noise and slow broadband but if it’s in the BT Openreach network it has to be dealt with by a BT Openreach Engineer. Your first call is to your Service Provider, as Openreach cannot be contacted directly.

If the water damage, storm damage or dampness has affected wiring and telephone sockets in your own premises, then cost effective help and a Superfast response starts here!

Customer care comes first!

Call me and see how I can help you! I’m proud to have a team of 50 Ex BT Engineers right across the UK, local to you, ready to carry out repairs or install a new socket and improve Broadband speed at a time convenient to you.

Our prices and friendly service will restore your faith in a modern aged small business with a single objective: Pulling all stops out to serve our customers well, from start to finish.

For a Superfast Repair Service call NOW! 01702 200800 or 07790 200800 and get an instant response.

Who’s number ?

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Area Codes

Have you ever wondered who’s number is this? Who just called me? Have you ever received a call on your mobile or landline from a number you don’t recognise and thought…. who is calling me? Use the link below to look up the phone number and it will tell you where the call originated from.


Who’s number ?

How to trace a call is very difficult but using an Area Code finder you will be able to locate the area the call was made from. It works like a reverse phone lookup website.

Who calls me?

If you need to find out details about a telephone number or who calls me you can try googling the number or enter the phone number in the Area Code finder below.

To find out about a phone number of a missed call you can dial 1471 to reveal the telephone number.

Click here Who’s number and enter the unkown number or suspicious phone number to find out who is calling you?

51 Ex BT Engineers now cover local work near you

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Ex BT Engineers join forces with one of the fastest expanding Telecom websites this year.

Ex BT Engineers .com now passes work to 51 local Ex Openreach Engineers ready to repair broadband faults, improve your internet speed, and fit new telephone extension sockets for Sky boxes.

It’s so quick and easy to talk to Geoff – the founder of Ex BT and experience excellent service. You will instantly feel at ease being able to talk to someone with an engineering background who understands what you want and will do all he can to ensure your troubles and concerns melt away.

A simple quick solution is often found to the many problems customers face each day, and you can deal directly with the engineer that will make the visit to you.

I want the whole customer experience to be excellent from start to finish.
I want the level of service to exceed expectations, and match the level of training given to us by British Telecom back in the old days.
I want confidence to return, and customers to get their phone lines repaired within days, by a local BT engineer and at a suprisingly low price.

Customers can find a local telephone engineer by looking at the UK map, then make one call to Geoff on 07790 200800, explain the problem and book an engineer visit.

Simplicity, efficiency, and clarity are the key to my website’s success to serve the general public faster than they ever thought possible…

You’ve heard of ‘Superfast Broadband’, well here’s a  ‘Superfast Repair Service’.

Geoff Grove

Water Damage

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With many people experiencing the continuing torrential rain and flooding around the country, some will innevitably be left worrying with water damage telephone wiring and no phone line. What you need is an Ex BT Man! Here I am!

Water Damage to Telephone Wiring

water-damageWhile some things can dry out, once water gets into a telephone socket or junction box it’s advisable to renew it.

Any kind of dampness or moisture will lead to corrosion, and a loss of either the telephone line, or broadband and Internet. Electricity always takes the shortest path so if you have wet telephone cable or a wet socket it’s going to short circuit the line and you will loose dial tone. Broadband and Internet may still continue to work even though the phone line is dead! This is quite normal, but you must still get the telephone line fixed.


crackly-lineWater damage to telephone lines often shorts the phone line out giving callers the engaged tone when they try and call you – despite the fact that no one is using the phone!

Other common problems with dampness, water and moisture even in small amounts, is a noisy crackly or intermittant line.

To get the problem checked out won’t cost you a fortune – If it’s your own wiring at fault you can get it checked and renewed quickly and cheaply.

Water Damage telephone Socket Insurance work

You will be given a bill that you can forward to your insurance company if the work forms part of a claim, and my prices are very reasonable, so you and your insurance company will be pleased to have me carry out the work. I’ve even been recommended by Tesco, Talk Talk, Sky and BT helpline people!

What areas do I cover?

I have Ex BT Engineers dotted around the UK ready to respond quickly, and the best bit of all, is that you don’t have to que on a switchboard, or speak to someone you can’t understand in a different country, intent on reading their own script instead of listening to you!
Call me – 07790 200800 or 01702 200800 I’ll be happy to talk to you, and you’ll be pleased you called me! Together we can sort your water damage out and have you back up and running in no time.

BT Infinity Self Install

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One of my independent engineers has just informed me that a BT Infinity Self Install package is about to be released. Customers will arm themselves with screwdrivers and wire cutters in an attempt to get their own Internet working.

BT Infinity Self Install Package

bt-infinity-self-installThe BT Openreach Engineer will do nothing else apart from connect the telephone line at the cabinet (green box near you) activating the BT Infinity Broadband service on the line, and then your broadband SHOULD work.
The crunch is, that with many houses having Star wiring on extension socket runs, the broadband is likely to be severly impared, or possibly not work at all. Once the end user has taken the skin off their knees, trying every permeatation to get their woring to work correctly, they will be forced to ring their service provider, and report this as a FAULT.  Openreach Engineers will be sent out to rectify problem-  at cost to that customer or end user.
Therefore the BT Infinity Self Install Package could be wonderful news for me, by boosting my work load, as many people search for independant telephone engineers to get internet working much cheaper than the callout cost of a BT Openreach Engineer.
Book an engineer to fix my Internet
Click the link above if you need help getting your BT Infinity Self Install Package to work.

Phone Line Dead

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Phone line dead slow broadband, or no Internet connection – what should I do?

Question: Do you have extension sockets or wiring in your house?

If not, please contact your service provider as they are responsible for your line from the exchange, and up to and including the Master Socket, and you can get the repair done free!

If you do have your own extension wiring connected, then you may need an engineer to visit and carry out tests to isolate the faulty wiring and remove or renew. Just click the ‘Contact Me’ tab to arrange a visit and get the problem sorted quickly.

How to check for corrosion

Phone line dead ? I found this poor BT Master Socket covered in plaster!


Look for the green corrosion around the gold plated connections in the socket. Even the tiniest amount, caused by condensation or dampness could make your line noisy and reduce your Internet connection speed.
No charges can be raised against you unless you have damaged a cable, or there is dampness or corrosion in the telephone socket caused by a building defect.
This BT Junction Box was on a damp draughty window sill.

If yes (you do have extension sockets) carry on reading.

Phone line dead slow broadband, or no internet connection – what should I do?

Question: Can you locate your Master Socket? That’s the one with the ‘split’ front panel? If yes, carry on.
Question: Can you remove the front ‘Test plate’ carefully pull forward enough to plug your telephone directly in to the test socket now revealed. Do you have dial tone or is the phone line dead ? If you have dial tone then your extension wiring or something plugged in to an extension socket such as Sky box, faulty ADSL filter has a short circuit on it. This makes the phone line dead every time you plug the front plate back in.



This is how things should look. Clean, no corrosion, wires terminated correctly and pushed firmly into the slots. No stray uninsulated wiring to touch together causing a short circuit.



Eliminate anything plugged into the extension sockets

You now need to unplug EVERY single thing from the extension sockets in the rest of the house to determine if it’s something plugged into the phone line, or the extension wiring itself that’s faulty.

It’s a process of elimination

Make sure your hoover hasn’t crashed into the extension plugs and damaged the socket! If your wiring looks like this, maybe you need me to visit and tidy it all up!

Help is here, here I am :-)

If you have everything unplugged, with the plate in place the line is faulty, phone line dead, but with it unplugged, everything works OK when you use the test socket, you have a wiring fault and you need an Ex BT Engineer 07790 200800

Slow Broadband

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Slow Broadband – Where do I start, What to test?


The ‘Good Old Days’ when I was a BT Openreach Engineer.

Slow broadband can be caused by a number of things, some are down to faulty wiring inside your house, others in the BT Openreach network. The latter are free of charge to get sorted out!

Slow Broadband – Step 1 – Disconnect ALL equipment

To determine where the problem lies, first disconnect every filter phone or Sky Box plugged into your line, so you just have the main socket and extension sockets free.

Test with a known good phone and filter

Next, plug in your known good phone, and your router with the filter. Make sure the line sounds clear with no crackles. Try your broadband out and see what your speed is. You can click my Broadband Speed Test to check the line in 30 seconds. You should as a very rough guide get upwards of 3Mb per second (That’s 2 O’clock on the speed test dial).

If everything is now OK, plug the things you took out back in, one by one, each time re testing the line, until you find out what caused your problem.

Step 2 – Locate the master socket or NTE

If you still have problems, next you need to prove if the fault is inside or outside.

Have you got the newer type of master socket or NTE5 ? It’s a fairly large socket front, same size as a light switch, with a split front panel in two halves. Undo the two screws and put to one side. Withdraw the plate slowly to reveal another test socket behind. This should be the first point that the BT Openreach Network terminates on in your house.

Plug your known good phone, filter and Router in to the test socket. Check the line is clear, no crackles. Go ahead and do the speed test again and see if your speed has increased.

Noisy line but advisor tells you ‘it tests OK’

If you have any crackle or noise on the line, you need to call your service provider at this point and they will instruct BT Openreach to come out and fix your line. If the advisor palms you off with ‘Well it’s testing ok’… ignore, and insist they send someone. After all you’ve done your test and there’s a noise on the line! If your speed is bad have them visit – provided you’ve managed to determine that the fault is outside (Or within your house up to and including the master socket). The only way they can raise a charge against you is if there is dampness or corrosion damage to the wiring or master socket inside due to your defective building, or abuse with a hoover as you bash it!

Test panel back on

If things are OK, BUT when you put that test panel back together on the master socket your speed drops significantly, then you have an internal wiring problem and it’s that time to consider calling your service provider to send Openreach out OR call an independent Ex BT Engineer like myself or one of my colleagues to fix your fault and save you money at the same time.

You can reach me on 07790 200800 and 01702 200800

No more flannel !

My name is Geoff and i’m here to help you and provide you with a first class service without the flannel, high charges, or long wait for an answer that you can’t understand anyway.

Get in touch and don’t put up with those niggles or slow broadband any longer! You just found a new friend! :-)