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like me on Facebooktweet me on twitterContact me on linked inRSS FeedHelp is here, how refreshing! Talk to a real local Telephone Engineer near you without spending an hour talking to a call centre in India, trying to understand what’s being said, or interject with their fixed script.
Fact: I’m a Local Independent Telephone Engineer ready to help you, so put the kettle on and have a read about the many services I offer.

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Business and Residential Telecom Customers

Get the right advice from local Telephone Engineer Geoff Grove!

Telephone EngineerHi my name is Geoff Grove (thats me on the right) and I worked for BT for 23 years so I totally understand the problems you’re facing because I’ve come face-to-face with customers problems and frustration caused.

First of all I want to save you money, so if there’s something you can try yourself I will gladly give you free advice to avoid any callout charge.

The list of areas I cover is constantly growing, so if you’re looking for a local telecoms engineer or a retired Ex BT Telephone Engineer near you, please scroll down to see the map, click the red dot nearest you then call me. I currently have a network of over 70 experienced local telephone engineers across the UK dealing with residential phone and Broadband problems, slow Internet plus maintenance and repair of Business Telephone Systems old and new.

Broadband and Telephone Services

All work completed at very reasonable prices!
tick We can move a Router, telephone socket or junction box to a better place. Telephone wiring shifted or re routed to facilitate building work, window or door replacement from £65

tick Install CAT5 Cable in your office, or supply Home Network Ethernet Cable for Smart TV, X-Box and Sky On Demand. Direct connection is far better than WiFi see here connect computer and smart TV’s directly to your router

tick Increase Internet speed to give faster downloads for Netflix with no drop outs

tick Fit a vDSL Faceplate for faster BT Infinity and Fibre Broadband

tick Iphones, Ipads, Smart TV and Laptops will work much better. X-Box games will run better with less lag

tick Get your Broadband working faster! We can upgrade improve or repair faulty wiring

tick Telephone and Broadband faults traced in your premises, or proven to Openreach or Virgin network, from £50

tick Move your Router to a better position, eliminate Poor WiFi Signal which will boost Sky On Demand download speed and reduce buffering

tick Extra Telephone Extension Socket point provided within your house (for Sky Box, Broadband or Care Line etc) from £65

tick Unsightly telephone wiring tidied up, redundant telephone wires recovered to speed up Broadband and Internet

tick High standard of workmanship with no compromise on quality as I have been trained by BT Openreach up to 2011

tick I have 23 years of service working for BT and now currently 5 years as an Independent Telecommunications Engineer

tick Local, friendly, trustworthy Independent Telephone Repair Service provided by trained telecoms engineers

tick Work carried out quickly, when you would like it done, anytime!

tick Look at my super low prices! No VAT to pay!

tick No foreign call centre to negotiate!

tick Service always with a smile too 🙂

Here to help – Call Now 01702 200800 or 07790 200800

If you have a job that’s not listed here please still give me a call – because my advice is free and I can also point you in the right direction.

Make Desktop Computers and TV’s work much better with a Wired Home Computer Network Cable Installation

You’ve heard of ‘Superfast Broadband’, well here’s my ‘Superfast Repair Service’

Slow Broadband ? Things You Can Check Yourself to speed up your Internet in 3 easy steps.
How to stop receiving silent phone calls. Look up a Telephone Number and find out who the caller was.
Block nuisance sales calls with a BT Call Blocker unit from Amazon
Here are some more Useful Money saving tips
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So many times I hear people say “But they told me my Broadband will only work in a Main Socket, and not an extension”..
Absolute rubbish – Providing that you don’t have any faults on your telephone extension sockets or telephone wiring you will get Internet connection where ever your Router is plugged in, unless you have a BT Digital Filter Front Plate fitted.

Some people are so fed up with Call Centres. Eventually they discover a local Independent Telephone Engineer
like myself, and I get to calm them down – I’m almost like a counselor! 🙂
Relief – now you’ve found me you don’t have to spend hours talking to Calcutta any more!

Another frustrated Customer gasped, “I couldn’t understand any of the advisers. I would have been better off calling the local Kebab shop for help and advice to fix my BT Line Fault. The adviser blamed my equipment so I brought new phones, only to find it was a BT external fault incorrectly diagnosed!”

Call me if you want to speed up your Internet, have telephone wiring problems or need CAT 5 Network cable installed. All work is carried out quickly – when you want it done, and for a fraction of the price! Service always with a smile! 🙂

Go on – dial my number, I’d love to hear from you!

Ex BT Engineer Geoff Grove
Call Now 01702 200800 or 07790 200800

At last! No foreign based switch board staffed with people you can’t understand, who don’t speak clear English and just read through a script.
Broadband Engineer


My network of over 70 Independent Telephone Engineers
are ready to help you!

Residential or Business customers – We can fix any fault on your own wiring. Fix Sky, Talktalk phone line and Broadband issues and install an Ethernet point for a Sky box. Move a telephone socket or Router to a better position near your TV, or more central for better WiFi coverage. We Install CAT5 network cable to link your Smart TV to your Router. Small business customers – we can install and maintain a telephone system or computer network at your company premises. All telephone repair work is carried out by myself or local telephone engineers based all over the UK !

Keep scrolling down to view my map to find out who’s local to you

What’s amazing is that I worked for British Telecom for 23 years as a Telecommunications Engineer. Ironically BT often advertise on my website!
I regularly receive calls from people stating they’ve been recommended to use me. BT, EE, Plusnet, Tescos, Chess Telecom, Talk Talk and Sky. They all recommend my services!

Where some big companies go wrong by outsourcing

A lady called me – “I’m having blinds fitted and a telephone Junction Box is in the way. Can you move it?”
She continued, “I tried using BT Online Chat on their website. The foreign person on the keyboard at the other end couldn’t understand me – they didn’t know what a blind was!”

I’m an Ex BT Telephone Engineer who used to work for BT Openreach. I have been trained to high standards up to 2011 when I left the company. We can fix any internal fault with your telephone equipment regardless of who your Service Provider is. We can identify a fault if it’s on the Openreach Virgin Talktalk or Sky Telephone network. This enables you to get the fault fixed free of charge by your Service Provider. I’m your ‘one stop solution’ for Broadband Speed problems with Netflix, Sky Broadband and Superfast Fibre Broadband. Problems with phone wiring, Telephone Extension Sockets or faulty Master Socket NTE5 Front Plate issues solved quickly. I’m here to help you, ready to take your call.

Look how happy my customers are with my Independent Telephone Engineers

“We searched online for an Ex BT Engineer and had one of Geoff’s telephone engineers attend. We wanted to move some wiring as we were having a new conservatory. BT and Openreach refused to move our wiring, even for their extortionate charges. After many calls to both BT and Openreach, both claiming it was not their job, we contacted Geoff. We booked Ross and he arrived instantly. He did the job within 2 days of the call, AND tidied up all for a fraction of BTs charges! Delighted”!

Have an additional telephone socket for a Sky Box or relocate an existing socket. Move your Router to another room and tidy up your wiring to speed up your Internet connection. Pick up the phone, call me, and your Telephone Repair will all be done for you!

Avoid expensive call out charges from your Service Provider if the fault is found to be with your own telephone wiring or Broadband equipment.
Just call me – an Independent Telephone Engineer !

BT Master Socket TestRemove the front panel if you have this latest style Master Socket called an NTE, then plug your phone into the Test Socket arrowed. If your line is not working you possibly have a BT External Network fault. Call your service provider who will arrange Openreach to fix your Telephone Fault free of charge *see note below*.

You pay line rental so Openreach are responsible for the line from the exchange up to and including the Master Socket.

For external faults on the Openreach network phone BT Faults. Simply dial 151 after you have verified that the problem is on their wiring, and not your own.

*Note* Dampness or corrosion around the socket and wiring inside your property is chargeable.

If BT are not your service provider look on your phone bill for the correct number to call. Your service provider will then instruct Openreach on your behalf to investigate the fault.
Still confused? You can call me, Geoff Grove, and I will talk you through and see if I can help you! End the misery of being antagonized by a Call Centre in India. Nor have any problems understanding what I’m saying to you! 🙂

Find a Local Telephone Engineer near you – use my map below!

Simply click the marker nearest to you, and tell me which Telephone Engineer is local to you! I will put you in touch with one of my engineers and you can arrange a convenient appointment. Collectively we cover the whole of the UK – England Scotland and Wales.

Test Broadband speed and discover what connection speed your neighbours are getting with Uswitch Streetstats !

broadband-speedWhile fault finding someone’s slow Broadband connection I came across this incredibly handy comparison website.

Uswitch displays Broadband Speed Test results street by street on a Google Map overlay. This shows what Internet speed your neighbours are getting – take a look now! Read more


BT Openreach – What a great place to work! In 1987 I began a career as a British Telecom Engineer. This is how life was back then. Read more..

British Telecom – My Old Job I Loved

Want to see if your Exchange area is Live with Fibre Broadband Service? Click here, enter your postcode, and see when YOU can have it!

Superfast Fibre Broadband in My Area

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Local Independent Telephone Engineer Geoff Grove

I have a UK wide network of Ex BT Telecoms Engineers Covering all areas across England, Scotland and Wales

I personally attend customers in Essex area inc Rayleigh, Rochford, Hullbridge, Southend, Chelmsford, Canvey, Billericay, Basildon and Benfleet. Burnham, Danbury, Eastwood, Grays, Hockley, Leigh on Sea, Maldon, Shoebury, Thorpe Bay, Gt Wakering, Wickford, Woodham Ferrers.

Telecoms engineers in Kent area covering Tonbridge Wells, Rochester, Maidstone, Gravesend, Folkestone, Chatham, West Maling and Canterbury.

Telephone Engineer in North London, South London, East London, West London, Surrey, Ilford, Romford, Barking and Dagenham. Hertfordshire, Bishop’s Stortford, Stansted, Hoddesdon, Dunmow. I can also cover Grantham, Nottingham, Leicester, Basingstoke, Wales, Devon, Portsmouth, Hastings, Yorkshire, Glasgow, Wigan, Bolton, Manchester and Birmingham. In fact the whole of the UK !
My group of local telephone engineers is constantly growing, always call us if you need a local phone engineer.
If you want to join my team of local telecommunications engineer near you please get in touch!

Ex BT Engineer Geoff Grove
Call Now 01702 200800 or 07790 200800